Over the years, GCP Environmental Solutions has worked with different industries to help them find the right combination of cleaning products and personal protective equipment for them. When we started, the industries we’ve helped mainly included governmental institutions. Over time, that changed to helping other commercial spaces, like medical facilities or food service centers. Browse the industries we’ve helped and see what GCP Environmental Solutions can do for your company!

Municipality Buildings

When we first started, we helped governmental buildings keep their cleanliness up. Even now, we still work with many government organizations to maintain their cleanliness. With our free consultation on the right cleaning products for your organization, you’ll know your space will stay clean and safe.

Medical Facilities

With the prevalence of COVID-19, medical facilities needed PPE fast. GCP Environmental Solutions had the answer. We developed a hands-free sanitation station and offered a seven-piece PPE kit designed to keep frontline workers safe. Our team also offers nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer, and face shields to protect workers.

Food Service Centers

Food service centers need to keep their buildings clean while also keeping visitors safe. GCP Environmental Solutions has answers to both of those. We offer powerful degreasers that remove grease from surfaces. Also, we have floor cleaners that our customers love because of their effectiveness and nice smell. Additionally, we sell gloves and other PPE to keep the food safe from germs.

GCP Environmental Solutions likes to get to know our customers. We work hard to learn about your business and recommend the right cleaning products and personal protective equipment for you. Whether you’re a medical facility that needs PPE or a food service center that needs degreasers, we have something for every business. See what GCP Environmental Solutions can do for you. Contact us today.