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Germ-N-Ator Cleaning Products GCP Environmental Solutions


Hospitals and other medical centers need to maintain a sterile environment. With the help of GCP Environmental Solutions, we provide environmentally-friendly cleaning products to ensure germs aren’t spread from place to place.

Germ-N-Ator helps to kill many different types of bacteria and viruses, which leaves your medical center a cleaner and healthier place for patients. Additionally, it may be effective at killing the virus that causes COVID-19.



Commercial buildings have many people who come in and out of them each day. Protect the people in the buildings by having cleaning products that also sanitize and disinfect. Our environmentally-friendly offerings are also safe for people to be around during the cleaning process.

Our Mechanics 2000 has helped many industrial buildings reduce corrosion and can be used on motors, nuts and bolts, door hinges, and more.

Mechanics 2000 Cleaning Products GCP Environmental Solutions
Natures Power GCP Environmental Solutions


Treatment plants and other government offices take in items that may contain germs and microbes that make people sick. By having proper cleaning and sanitizing protocols in place, those risks are decreased. The cleaning and sanitation products we offer can help in making sure the work environment is safe for everyone.

Natures Power helps to remove odors from urine, and human and animal waste. It serves as a powerful drain de-clogger and degreaser.

Some of the GCP Environmental Solutions Products

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Cherry Clean Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products


Cherry Clean is a powerful, concentrated formula that cuts through dirt yet it is gentle enough for most surfaces.

This product cleans virtually any surface that requires a hard-working, fast-acting, all-purpose cleaner that complies with today’s tough environmental standards.

No rinsing required! Use with a mop, trigger sprayer, pressure washer or automatic scrubber.

Great for floors, walls, countertops, painted surfaces, vinyl, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.


EZ Strip is a highly concentrated, heavy duty, non-ammoniated wax stripper. Use on terrazzo, concrete and tile floors. Not recommended for use on wood or cork. Removes all types of wax and polymer finishes. Contains strong wetting agents and penetrants which work to strip floors quickly and safely. Low sudsing and odorless.

Dilute with up to 20 parts water to strip most floors. This product is excellent for use in automatic floor scrubbing machines to clean warehouse floors because of its low foaming properties. Dilute with up to 50 parts water for this application. Packaged in 5 gallon pails.

Commercial Cleaning Products GCP Environmental Solutions
Fab IV Cleaning Products GCP Environmental Solutions


This mild bowl and bathroom cleaner quickly removes rust, scale, stains and odors from toilet bowls and urinals. Effectively cleans and deodorizes toilet bowls, urinals, basins, tubs and tile. Packed with 80 pods in a jar.


An excellent formulation that quickly removes dirt, grease and grime while leaving the surface film free. Excellent for use on floors, walls, counters, equipment and painted areas. Cleans and deodorizes all washable surfaces. Packed with 80 pods to a jar.

Citrusolve GCP Environmental Solutions
Bugslayer Cleaning Products GCP Environmental Solutions


Bugslayer is a water-based pesticide developed especially to control bed bugs. When applied as directed on the labeling, Bugslayer will kill bed bugs on contact. It is third party certified for effectiveness with 100% mortality occuring within 5-10 minutes of application, depending on life stage.


Germ-N-Ator can be used as a fogger as an adjunct or supplement to normal cleaning and disinfection procedures and practices. It also kills bacteria and viruses.

Can also be used as a direct spray disinfectant on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Germ-N-Ator Cleaning Products GCP Environmental Solutions
Air Purifier GCP Environmental Solutions


The ADP-70 air disinfectant utilizes an ozone oxidation technology called Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) with a HEPA filter to purify the air and surfaces. It weighs only 3 lbs. and can be mounted anywhere for classrooms, nurses stations, offices or surgery centers. Odors are eliminated and additional protection by pathogen reduction. Kills all airborne viruses and germs and effective against the COVID family as well. Air flow is 70 CFM or about 2,000 sq. ft. 


QD FRESH is a disinfectant multipurpose germicidal, deodorizes and disinfects in one labor saving step. This concentrated dual-quat based formula is effective for general purpose cleaning and disinfecting.

Contains synthetic detergents, emulsifiers, water softening agents and two quaternary ammonium germicides. EPA registered. USDA authorized.

QD Fresh GCP Environmental Solutions
Sanitation Station GCP Environmental Solutions


The GCP Sanitation Station™️ is a hands-free Hand Sanitizing unit that is made of rugged stainless steel. These units are the perfect way to offer patrons the convenience of hand sanitizer. Subscription service only. Requires a minimum order of GCP brand Hand Sanitizer refills per month.


These kits are the perfect way to offer protection to those who need PPE on the go. Conveniently packaged for easy access. Priced per 10 individual kits per box.

PPE Kit GCP Environmental Solutions
SanyHands GCP Environmental Solutions

Sany Hands

Sany Hands is a gel antiseptic handwash that kills 99.9% of the most common germs. It evaporates quickly and leaves hands feeling soft.


Mechanics 2000 is a non-flammable, 4-in-1 formula that penetrates, lubricates, displaces moisture and resists corrosion.

Displaces water and moisture from electrical equipment such as contact points and automotive distributors, machinery parts, guns and equipment. Fortified with PTFE. Contains no ozone depleters. Conforms to Military Specifications MIL-C-23411 for corrosion prevention.

This lubricant is great for use on motors, wire cable, rusted parts, ignition systems, machine parts, door hinges, locks, nuts and bolts and refrigeration equipment.

Mechanics 2000 Cleaning Products GCP Environmental Solutions
Municipality Cleaning Products GCP Environmental Solutions


Versatile problem solver. Removes odors such as urine, human and animal waste. Use in drains for hair, paper and grease. Packed in 4×1 gallons in a box.


The thermometers display both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures and are non-contact.

Display Backlight: 3 Colors

  • Green: normal
  • Orange: slight fever
  • Red: high fever
Thermometer GCP Environmental Solutions
Squeaky Cleaning Products GCP Environmental Solutions


Squeaky is a foaming glass cleaner that cleans and polishes glass without streaking. Combining alcohol, emulsifiers and surfactants, this product gives quick, one step cleaning on all glass and plexiglass surfaces.

Contains no ammonia. The non-static formulation keeps surfaces clean longer and will not leave a film. Pleasant fragrance.


Touchdown is an EPA registered foaming germicidal cleaner. This water based aerosol combines butyl, surfactants and emulsifiers with a quaternary germicide to provide heavy duty cleaning of many areas. Safe for use on all bathroom surfaces. Will not harm chrome or metal surfaces.

Touchdown Cleaning Products
Ultra Pearl GCP Environmental Solutions


Ultra High solid, high performance floor finish. Packed in 5 gallon pails.


Our Vital Oxide Wipes have a 60 second kill time that destroys bacteria, viruses, fungus, and removes mold and mildew. This cleaning product gets rid of bad odors by attacking the source of the problem, not by masking it.

Vital Oxide Cleaning Products

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