Welcome to GCP Environmental Solutions

Starting in the business in 1993, the founder of GCP Environmental Solutions noticed an opportunity to help many different types of commercial spaces with environmentally friendly cleaning products and protective gear.

Originally, GCP Environmental Solutions offered 20 products designed to help governmental buildings maintain their cleanliness and polished appearance. Our company started with 20 products and has quickly grown to over 200 products. We’re glad that our client base has continued to grow, thus ensuring GCP Environmental Solutions’ growth over the years.

As a whole, GCP Environmental Solutions is very involved in the local community. Our team usually sponsors a local family during the holiday season. Our team also supports breast cancer awareness. Additionally, we’re always looking for different charities to take part in.

What Sets Us Apart From The Competition

At GCP Environmental Solutions, we care about the people. You are never just a number to us. When you call us, you’ll talk to an actual person. We also don’t issue customer numbers. Instead, the GCP team gets to know you as a person and has your account listed as your name. We’re proud to be a Better Business Bureau accredited business and have an A+ rating, all thanks to our outstanding relationship with our customers.


Our Top Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

  • Cherry Clean, which is an effective floor soap and disinfectant. People notice flooring when they first enter your commercial building, so make sure it is clean with our Cherry Clean product.
  • Nature’s Power, which uses natural enzymes to break down drain clogs while also cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.
  • Our PPE kits are perfect for keeping your employees safe from germ exposure on the job. We sell nitrile glove kits for medical centers, food centers, and more. We also offer a PPE kit, which contains face masks, nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer, and alcohol pads. GCP Environmental Solutions developed a standalone sanitation station and also sells hand sanitizer.

Need cleaning products and PPE for your business? GCP Environmental Solutions has the top products available for you.


Cherry Clean Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products
SanyHands GCP Environmental Solutions

GCP Environmental Solutions is a Laboratory Master Distributor

  • We manufacture and distribute our own cleaning products
  • These cleaning products are designed specifically with commercial spaces, like medical centers, schools, and industrial complexes in mind
  • GCP Environmental Solutions is a Better Business Bureau accredited business and boasts an A+ rating
  • Our customers continually return to us because of our efficient cleaning and sanitizing products

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Do you want cleaning products that are safe for people to be around and don’t harm the environment? The cleaning products from GCP Environmental Solutions are all environmentally-friendly and won’t harm humans during the cleaning process.

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We offer cleaning products for a variety of commercial spaces. Let us show you the GCP difference with your cleaning products.

Medical Center Cleaning Products

We offer cleaning products so medical facilities, like hospitals or doctor offices, can maintain a germ-free environment. Our SanyClean product is from our COVID-19 line and works on different hard surfaces to both clean and disinfect at the same time.

Industrial Cleaning Products

Industrial buildings, offices, and schools have many people that visit each day. Regularly cleaning the building ensures that dirt and grime are minimized while also sanitizing high-traffic areas to reduce the number of germs present that may cause illnesses.

Municipality Cleaning Products

Government entities also need to keep their buildings clean. When you partner with GCP Environmental Solutions, you’ll receive cleaning products designed to keep your building clean and sanitized. Contact us now for a free commercial cleaning consultation.